A Tour Of Galaxy's Edge (Star Wars Land)

A Tour Of Galaxy's Edge (Star Wars Land)

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In a galaxy far far away… 

I could not be more excited to be writing this post as I am such a Star Wars fanatic.  That being said, May the Fourth Be With You! (Anyone else ever respond, “and also with you.”)

We are so excited to be doing a Star Wars themed drop and showing off our super cute themed apparel!

In honor of this joyous occasion, let’s slide over to a few of my favorite things from Galaxies Edge in Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios. 

How Do I Get Rise Of The Resistance Boarding Pass?

I think you all know where we have to start… and that is Rise of the Resistance (ROTR).  Most of our viewers ask how we get aboard the ride and request tips and tricks to getting a boarding pass.  What is the ride like?  Does anyone get motion sickness?  How early do I have to be at the park in order to get a pass?  Well, here are the answers!

First things first, in order to snag a Boarding Pass to ROTR, you need to have a valid theme park ticket and Disney Park Pass reservation to Disney’s Hollywood Studios for the day you want to ride.  Disney has enabled guests to book their passes via the My Disney Experience (MDE) app without being in the vicinity of the park, but you need a ticket and reservation for that date to ride.  This means, you are able to book your passes from the comfort of your hotel room, passenger seat of a vehicle, or even your own home (if you are lucky enough to live close to the parks!).  

Boarding passes come online twice a day.  The first time being around 7:00am and the second at 1:00pm.  We suggest that two people be involved in the booking process; one watching the World Clock (best source of time in order secure passes) and the other on the MDE app, signed in and ready to go.  Be sure to have your party ready in your “friends and family” list as well!  Once the clock strikes 7:00am on the World Clock, it’s go time!  If you are quick enough, you will definitely grab a boarding pass for the first round.  

If not, you will have another opportunity at 1:00pm, so do not fret!  Keep in mind, you are only able to obtain a pass at 1:00pm (or later) if you are actually in the park. The same skills are required to book at 1:00pm, so be quick!  Watch the world clock, sign into MDE, have your ride party ready, and for this time slot you need to be in the park. If you are able to get into the queue, fantastic!

All boarding groups will need to keep an eye on their smart devices in order to receive the “PUSH” notifications regarding their boarding time.  If you currently have push notifications turned off on your device, be sure to change the settings for the day you are in Disney’s Hollywood Studios!  You can always log back into the MDE and check on your Boarding Group!

Once you have a boarding pass and your time has been called, you’re in like Fin! Head over to the entrance gate of ROTR!  For those worried about riding this one-of-a-kind experience, do not!  The attraction is more of an experience than a full-out “ride.”  There are trackless vehicles, elevator type maneuvers, and lots to see!  I have extreme motion sickness and I am super fine with this one!  That’s all I will say about that, better not to spoil the adventure and let you all experience it for yourselves!

Smuggler's Run Adventures

What about the fastest ship in the universe?  You know, the one that did the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs!  The Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run is one of the most well thought out rides in all of Disney World.  Of course, this ride is in constant competition with ROTR and Avatar’s Flight of Passage.  However, you know how I feel about immersive experiences.  I absolutely adore them.  In Smugglers Run, you are part of 6 member team that is escaping some dangerous situations in the Millennium Flacon.  There are three types of roles that are involved in this run: Pilot, Engineer, or Gunner.  Every role is absolutely essential and your mission success is 100% up to you.  Six riders ride at a time, 2 to a job!

This interactive mission is so involved that you and your team determine whether or not your objective is a success.  Your ride length will be determined by the “experience level” of your pilots, the accuracy of your gunners and the quickness of your engineers.  Fail to reduce the level of damage to the ship, boop done… crash the ship into the planet, badaboop – done… miss your targets and boopdeedoop, done. Each ride has a minimum length, but the extended time is definitely up to you!  HOW FUN?!

What Are The Dining Options In Galaxy's Edge?

Should we move to food? Yes, I think so!

There are just a few places to find food and bev around Galaxy’s Edge. Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo is a quick service stop that will satisfy your tastebuds.  Do not let the intergalactic names deter you away from this super sweet eatery. They have everything from braised beef, ribs, crispy chicken, and grilled chicken plus a Ronto Wrap which is a savory pork filled pita bread with peppercorn sauce and some tangy slaw (YUM!). 

Ronto Roasters is another food stand with some different styles of meat served different ways with some galactic specific beverages like the Coruscant Cooler (Maker’s Mark Bourbon, Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur, Carpano Antica Sweet Vermouth, Cranberry and Lime Juice), Surly Sarlacc (Ketel One Botanical Gradefuit, and Rose Vodka, Minute Maid Limeaid, Raspberry, Spicy Mango flavors), as well as a Trandoshan Ale made by Concrete Beach Brewery. 

The Milk Stand serves the Blue and Green Milk that was sipped by the one and only Luke Skywalker.  These are served either alcoholic or non-alcoholic.  If you are going the alcoholic avenue, please choose the Blue Milk (my opinion) it is far better than the Green Milk.  Green is served with tequila and blue is served with rum; though I am a lover of tequila, the green option was just not a favorite.  

Please please please try to get into Oga’s Cantina if you can.  This stop is probably more geared toward the adult crowd as its atmosphere envelops Oga’s space bar and has a ton of different drink options. I have witnessed kids having the time of their lives off of the alcohol free libations as well, but do believe this watering hole to be geared toward adults.  

Adults can choose from many beverage types. I tasted two of the four beers on tap and John splurged on a few mixed beverages.  There are some aptly named cocktails here; Jedi Mind Trick (Ketel One Botanical Grapefruit and Rose Vodka, John D. Taylor’s Velvet Falemum, Bols Blue Curacoa, White Grape Juice, Lime Juiice and Grapefruit Bitters) or the Yub Nub (Malibu Pineapple Rum, Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, Citrus Juices, and Passion Fruit served in a souvenir Enro mug).  If you’re like me and want a bit of everything on tap – try the Rancor Beer Flight with Souvenir Board (this gives you a sampling of each beer: White Wampa Ale, Bad Motivator IPA, Gamorrean Ale, Gold Squadron Lager).

Advanced Reservations are highly recommended here.  Most times there is a 45 minute time limit for guests who enter the cantina.  If you are unable to secure a reservation, no worries!  There is a line that you can wait in OR you can mention that you would like to take a “walk around.” Pre-covid times allowed for a quick “on our own” walking tour of Oga’s Cantina.

You'll Forget You're At Disney World

The atmosphere of Galaxy’s Edge is unlike any other “world” within the Parks. The park glows with the multiple suns of Tatooine and glimmers at night with all nine moons of Endor.  The metal shines off the X-Wing showcased on display and the sight of the massive Millennium Falcon will forever be embedded in your memory.  You can feel the power of the TIE Fighters, AT-AT’s, and more.  There are Storm Troopers EVERYWHERE telling the citizens to turn over to the First Order or give up the members of the Resistance.  The entire “world” is immersive.  You can build your own droids and light sabers.  Everything is so out of this world and very realistic.  You will feel like you are on a far-off distance in Batuu.  It’s wild and wonderfully amazing!

When you get the chance to visit Walt Disney World again, please be sure that you find yourself a decent amount of time to spend in Galaxy’s Edge!  I always suggest going at night because every bit of it lights up. Simply breathtaking. 

Until next time folks, PEW PEW!

Love & Magic,


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