Slinky Dog Dash POV - Toy Story Land

Slinky Dog Dash POV - Toy Story Land

Bonnie Cribbs
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Slinky Dog Dash In POV

Come experience the ups, downs and thrills of riding the Slinky Dog Dash at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This is a great way to find out if you’re up for the thrills of this headliner attraction in Toy Story Land.  Enjoy the Slinky Dog Dash POV video below!

If you like roller coasters, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the thrills this coaster produces. While highly themed for kids, this coaster gives adults a true thrill!

Are a big fan of Disney’s Toy Story franchise? If so, you’ll love the theming. The clever design is super cute!. In Andy’s backyard, Andy takes the “Dash & Dodge Mega Coaster Kit” and uses Slinky Dog as the ride vehicle. You’ll also enjoy Weezy at the end of the ride singing a very familiar tune!

Point of View Slinky Dog Dash Video

Here is a POV video of Slinky Dog Dash I shot pre-covid.  Hang on!

Slinky Dog Dash Height Requirement

Are you wondering if your little one is tall enough to ride Slinky Dog? The height requirement for Slinky Dog Dash is 38 inches.

Is Slinky Dog Scary?

Is Slinky Dog Scary? For most kids it is not scary. The fact that it is a roller coaster will naturally scare other kids.

With Toy Story theming, it naturally is beloved by most kids, so it will come across non-threatening. Familiar music, bright colors and Jesse and Rex are hanging out in the midst of it all. Most kids will find this ride a dream come true verses intimidating.

For adults, most will be pleasantly surprised by how fun and thrilling the ride actually is.

Is Slinky Dog Dash For Kids?

Yes, absolutely! …as long as they are 38 inches tall!

Matter of fact, it’s fun to hear little kids pointing out all the tiny details of the ride. Most adults miss the tiny details. Getting to experience the ride through a kids eyes is almost as thrilling as the ride itself!

Slinky Dog Dash Speed

You’ll love this: the ride feels like a slinky as you go up and over the the hills. The speed alternates as you go up and over each hill. It’ rather clever and unique sensation that Disney has created.

Slinky Dog Dash reaches speeds of up to 40 mph, so it’s not super fast. However, it’s not very slow either.

Slinky Dog Dash Drop

Are there any big drops on Slinky Dog Dash? For a little one, the hills on this coaster may look rather tall. But overall, it’s still not too intimidating.

The tallest hill gives you a great view into Star Wars Land (Galaxy’s Edge) but it does not coincide with the largest drop on Slinky Dog. The biggest drop comes right after the accelerated incline, but most of the ride is a series of small ups and downs that imitate the motion of a slinky.

Slinky Dog Dash at Night

The entire Toy Story Land lights up at night in a very spectacular way! There are vivid lights and special track lighting effects.

You definitely want to not only check out the coaster, but also the entire land at night. Time it right and watch the Hollywood Studio’s fireworks on the ride.

How Can I Get A FastPass For Slinky Dog Dash?

Currently, as the publishing of this (3/25/2021) Disney is not offering FastPass.  Hopefully they will come back soon!

Without a doubt, Slinky Dog Dash is currently one of the most popular ride at Hollywood Studios. Rise of the Resistance in Galaxy’s Edge (Star Wars Land) is by far the top attraction at the studios.

Getting a FastPass for Slinky Dog will be the most challenging FastPass to get. When you add on the fact that it’s an outdoor coaster and is affected by the weather (it closes during lightning storms), it makes it even more difficult to grab a FastPass for.  Make this one of your first request.

Hidden Mickey Slinky Dog Dash

I LOVE finding Hidden Mickeys all around Disney World! I was super excited to spot a hidden Mickey at the beginning of Slinky Dog Dash.

At the beginning of the loading area of you’ll see a drawing of the ride layout. If you look up to the far right of the drawing near the parachutes, you’ll find a hidden Mickey on Slinky Dog Dash.

So tell me, are you a fan of Slinky Dog Dash???

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