Spring Home UPdate

Spring Home UPdate

Lori Willey
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November of 2020, we took our annual family vacation.  It was an incredible time and so much fun.  We had planned every detail and taken the time to really understand what each person in our family wanted to experience while we were away.  We have a sweet little family of four and each one of us had a part to play in making this trip nothing short of amazing.

While on our trip, I found myself wearing my Disney shirts and sporting my most magical attire, hats, shirts, accessories etc. One day, one of my kids looked at me and said, “Mom, you’re a lot more fun since you became a travel agent.”  

It made me pause.  Inside, I have not changed.  I have always enjoyed these things.  I have always loved the fun and the whimsy of cute little Disney shirts, paired with my favorite hat.  But I realized even though they brought me joy and put a smile on my face, I had failed to make it a priority to wear my joy on the outside.  

I smiled with contentment that I had made a step in a positive direction.  I was now wearing my joy.  I was sporting my magical stylesignaling to my kids what makes me happy and giving them a peek into mom’s Disney personality. 

But why stop there?  Why not add a little bit of Pixie dust to my house.  Why not see that joy every time I enter a room?

I recently ordered a custom box from my friends here at Mouse Marketplace.  I thought my daughter would enjoy a little bit of springtime cheer.  They did not disappoint! 

We did a little UPdate on her room.  See what I did there lol. Her room was fairly neutral and needed to be brought to life with something that said “I love Disney.” Amazing what a little color and some Disney can do for your space, your mind, and your mood.  It is grin sparking and smile producing magic!

Surround yourself with people who bring you joy, feel the freedom to wear magical apparel and always make sure your home decor is sprinkled with Pixie Dust.

Wishing you a Magical Day,

Lori Willey

An Official Mouse Marketplace Travel Planner 

Travel Agent & Marketing Specialist for Enchanting Escapes Travel

I am an Authorized Disney & Universal Travel Planner with Enchanting Escapes Travel and a proud admin of our beloved Mouse Marketplace Facebook Group.  I live to create sunshine for my clients & bring smiles to their faces. An enjoyable & stress free planning process is my goal for every client.  I take pride in discovering your travel personality and then creating an experience that suits your adventurous spirit!  

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