20 Reasons You'll Love Disney World During Covid

One of the most frequent questions Disney fans are currently asking is "Is it worth going to Disney World right now during Covid-19?"  If you're like me, you've probably seen a meme or two about wishing 2020 would just go ahead and end.  Some would say it's been a bust of a year.  In the midst of such a crazy world and unimaginable circumstances, Disney remains a place of Magic and Wonder....
20 Reasons You'll Love Disney World During Covid

20 Reasons You'll love Disney During Covid

Going To Disney World During Covid

One of the most frequent questions Disney fans are currently asking is "Is it worth going to Disney World right now during Covid-19?"  If you're like me, you've probably seen a meme or two about wishing 2020 would just go ahead and end.  Some would say it's been a bust of a year.  In the midst of such a crazy world and unimaginable circumstances, Disney remains a place of Magic and Wonder.

Does Disney look different right now? Absolutely.  But in this current chaos, Disney World continues to be a great escape from reality while also making safety a priority. Even with all the differences and changes at Disney World, there's aspects of the experience that makes Disney even more Magical.  

Here's my list of 20 reasons you'll love Disney World during the craziness of all things 2020!

Epcot Disney Covid

20 Reason You'll Love Disney World During Covid

  1. The Parks Are Spotless.  Disney parks have always been clean when you consider the masses that go to the parks, but right now, the parks are in tip-top shape and look amazing.  The word pristine even comes to mind.

  2. No Need For FastPass.  Now this may sound strange coming from the FastPass king himself, but right now the FastPass system is not active because of the low crowds and with the short wait times they're not needed. Disney guests would often complain they have to plan out every second of their day with FastPasses.  Right now it's simply not needed!

  3. The Ability To Be Spontaneous.  If you like going with the flow and jumping from ride to ride and not planning out every second of your day, you'll love that right now at Disney you are able to do this!  ....and it's completely Magical to get to experience the parks like this!

  4. Short Wait Times.  This is the reason for no FastPasses and the ability to be spontaneous.  With limited capacity and smaller crowds, ride wait times are super short. On a recent trip to Magic Kingdom I was able to walk onto Peter Pan's Flight, Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain and only had to wait about 10 minutes for Mine Train.  If you like jumping from ride to ride, these crowd levels are for you!

  5. Dining Reservations Are Easy To Get.  Prior to Covid, getting the dining reservations you wanted took skill, know how or a really good travel agent. Right now, getting the dining reservations you want is very easy!

  6. You See More Disney Characters.  Most Disney fans know that currently characters are not doing meet and greets.  There are, however, random character cavalcades taking place at all of the parks. For the typical guest, this means you'll end up seeing more characters throughout the day.  There is seriously something special about running into Mickey and Minnie unexpectedly!

  7. Fun Character Interactions.  In addition to the random cavalcades Disney does create some opportunities to grab a picture with various characters - at a distance of course.  I've had some incredible interactions with Joy, Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore, Mary Poppins, Alice and Merida!  These interactions create such special memories and moments.  It's a Disney touch you will love!

  8. Incredible Photo Opportunities.  Whether it's a photo with characters or that perfect picture in front of the castle you've always  dreamed of, right now it's every photographers dream location. Low Crowds, open spaces, ....you seriously will love the photo opportunities available right now.  Disney is picture perfect once you remove all of the crowds!

  9. Rides To Yourself.  I don't know about you, but to me there's something REALLY cool about being on a ride ALL to yourself!  I've been able to be on Splash Mountain all to myself, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Space Mountain, Flight of Passage (or at least the room I was in), Dinosaur, Test Track, Kali River Rapids, Gran Fiesta Tour, Frozen,  Pirates of the Caribbean and Expedition Everest....ALL to myself!!

  10. You Notice More Details.  Without the crowds present, you're able to hear and see more of the details that Disney Imagineers place around the parks.  I geek out over the details at Disney, so those tiny nuances make a day at Disney even better!

  11. Much More Relaxing Vibe.  With the lower crowds, shorter lines and not feeling like you have to pack it all in, there is a MUCH more relaxed vibe at the parks.  Personally, I'm a BIG fan of this! The parks are to be enjoyed and savored - not rushed through.  I like a relaxed Disney!

  12. You're Able To Experience New Activities.  Because you have more time and spontaneity is possible, you may just find yourself participating in activities you've never done before.  Recently I spent a day at Epcot looking for hidden Remy's around World Showcase and another day at Magic Kingdom just looking for Hidden Mickey's.

    Disney Friends Covid 2020

  13. Better Times with Family & Friends. Maybe it's the relaxing vibe and the ability to jump from ride to ride? Maybe it's the ability to do so much more during the parks throughout the day? Right now it is so easy to have incredible experiences, soak in all of the Magic, experience some Wonder and create moments of sheer delight with those you're with.  Friends and families go to Disney for these kinds of experiences and Disney is dishing out the fun times right now!

  14. Flight of Passage Multiple Times. What's better than riding Flight of Passage 3 times in a row?  Getting to ride it 4 times in a row!  This ride is simply exhilarating and getting to ride it multiple times within an hour is something to get giddy about! The ability to do this creates some amazing memories!

  15. Faster Security.  This has made the entrance experience so much better.  Disney has updated their security scanners with state of the art screening systems that's made the process much faster.  These new systems were needed to allow for touch-free security checks and have been an amazing upgrade while still keeping the parks safe.

  16. Better Parking.  While the parking lot trams are not currently operating, with limited guests, parking is quick and easy.  You'll get a good space close to the entrance.  It's the little things that make for an overall good day!

    Shopping At Disney During Covid

  17. Better Shopping Experience.  You know Mouse Marketplace is all about shopping and exploring Disney merchandise.  With fewer guest, it's much easier to browse the various stores plus you don't have the long lines to wait in to pay!  Now that truly makes a Day at Disney the Best Day Ever!!

  18. Personal Space Is A Thing!  Maybe it's just me, but I'm not a big fan of large crowds and confined spaces.  Having personal space at Disney is truly something I could get used to!

    Disney Cast Members During Covid

  19. Cast Members Finding New Ways To Make Magic.  The interactions with Cast Members have been amazing!  Cast Members know Disney is different right now and I've seen time and time again Cast Members going out of their way to create special moments and experiences for guest. That is, by the way, what Disney is known for!

  20. Disney Is Cleaner Than Ever.  I know I started with Disney is Spotless, but it's also clean, too (as in sanitary and disinfected.)  Rides are constantly being cleaned, touch points are constantly cleaned, rest rooms are cleaner than ever before and you see custodial out and about constantly cleaning surface areas. Safety is a big concern during Covid and you'll be blown away by the efforts Disney is going through to keep everything clean!

Should I Go To Disney World This Year?

The question is valid.  Even though there are many more reasons that you will love Disney right now, there are some down sides as well.  No fireworks, no parades, fewer shows, wearing masks, limited dining options.... they all play a part in your decision to come to Disney World right now.

If you've never been to Disney World, I'd suggest you wait until the fireworks, parades and shows return.  They're truly spectacular.  There's also something very awesome about getting to meet Mickey and Minnie and getting a big hug from them.

However, if you've been to Disney a few times and don't mind missing the spectaculars and shows, right now is truly an amazing time to be at Disney World.  Even missing the night time spectaculars, you'll be amazed at how much more you get to experience with the lighter crowds and the flexibility you'll experience during your stay.

Disney World is still full of Magic.  It may look a little different during Covid, but you'll have experiences you've never had before.  You may just be amazed at how it still has the ability to help you escape from reality.  ...and in 2020, don't we all need an escape and more Magic?

Magic Kingdom during Covid 2020


If you have questions about what Disney World is like right now, feel free to leave a comment.  We're always happy to help! 

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