The Best Shoes for Your Magical Walt Disney World Adventure

The Best Shoes for Your Magical Walt Disney World Adventure

Ah, Walt Disney World!

The mere mention of it fills the heart with excitement and joy. Whether you're out for an enchanting journey through the Magic Kingdom, exploring the wonders of Epcot, or embarking on a wild safari at Animal Kingdom, Disney World is a place of magic, adventure, and... lots and lots of walking!

As someone who considers Disney World my local go-to park for getting my steps in (I'm talking 10,000 - 15,000 steps a day!), I've learned a thing or two about the best footwear to ensure your day is as magical as the surroundings.....

Summer. Winter. Rain. Sunshine - they all play a role into what are considered "the best shoes" for a week at Walt Disney World.

So, grab your Mickey ears, and let's dive into the best shoes for your Disney adventure!

1. Teva Sandals: Your Summer Rain or Shine Companion

When the Florida heat is on (and oh, does it turn up!), Teva sandals have been my absolute go-to. 

Not only do they keep your feet cool, but they're also champions in the rain. Let's face it, Florida weather can be pretty unpredictable predictable, and there's nothing worse than squelching around in soggy shoes. During the summer months, you can pretty much count on a quick shower daily!

Teva sandals are comfortable for all-day wear, dry quickly, and ensure that a little summer rain won't dampen your Disney experience.

Teva's are also perfect for wearing to the pool or to Typhoon Lagoon & Blizzard Beach.  I personally wear shoes everywhere around the water parks (even on the lazy river) and my Teva's keep my feet protected from all the hot pavements, rocks and concrete!

Oh, and when it comes to the rain and being at Disney.  Feel free to let yourself dance in the rain and splash in the puddles.  Letting yourself be a kid again is a BIG part of being at Disney World!

2. My Walking Shoes Go To: Saucony & Brooks

For those cooler months or when sandals just won't cut it, I've found that a good pair of walking shoes is indispensable.

My personal faves? Saucony and Brooks.

Both brands offer incredible support and cushioning, which are absolute musts when you're covering ground equivalent to several miles and standing in a long line to waiting to ride Slinky Dog Dash!

Whether you're sprinting to catch Space Mountain (please do not run in the parks) or meandering through World Showcase at Epcot, these shoes are sure to keep your feet happy from park open to close.

Even though these are my go-to favorite brands of Walking Shoes, I suggest going to a store like "Fleet Feet" and being fitted for shoes that fit YOUR feet.  It's seriously one of the best things you can do for your feet - even if you're not planning a Disney trip! The way they scan your feet and help you pick out the fit just for you is such an amazing experience.

If you do buy new shoes for your Disney trip, break them in WAY before getting to Walt Disney World.  You can easily walk 15,000 - 30,000 steps in a given day. Disney is not the place to break in new shoes!

Let me also suggest bringing a bandaids too.  Blisters do seem to happen when you consider wet feet from the rain, sweaty sock and the amount of steps you take.  Let's keep those steps magical!

Bonus Tip: Planning Your Disney Wardrobe

While we're on the topic of making the most out of your Disney trip, I've got a special freebie for you: "The 5ive Tips for Planning Outfits At Disney World."

This guide is packed with insights on how to look fabulous while keeping comfort a priority, from selecting the right accessories to choosing outfits that go from day to night seamlessly.

Make sure to request this free resource and make your Disney adventure as magical and comfortable as possible!


Step Into The Magic

Stepping into a Disney World adventure is always an exciting experience, and having the right shoes can make all the difference in the (Disney) world. From the rain-friendly Tevas to the all-day comfort of Saucony and Brooks, your feet will thank you as you make your way through this magical place.

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Bonnie is a former Cast Member, Disney fanatic, encourager, almost daily park goer and believer in you!  What started as a dream turned into something much more exciting - reality! I get to create & ship magic & pixie dust to Disney fans all over!



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