Sometimes things happen - items arrive damaged, items get broken or imperfections in garments. We want to make it right!

We are happy to replace broken and damaged items when they arrive broken. Just reach out to us at Orders@MouseMarketplace.com and include a picture (we need that for UPS and USPS claims).

Any refund / exchange must be approved by reaching out to Orders@MouseMarketplace.com.

We can not refund items that arrive to us after they have been washed or are not in resalable condition.

Returns must happen within 30 days of receipt and must be in re-sellable condition.


Non-returnable items:
-Gift Cards
-Discounted Items
-Bundles / Grab Bags

We reserve the right to refuse any return that is not in re-sellable condition that has been worn, washed, damaged packaging, etc.

In some cases, we do require a 30% restocking fee for returns on custom boxes, themed boxes and custom made-for-you apparel items.

It's EASY! Just send a text that says "send text alerts" to 407-214-4948. Even our texts are full of Pixie Dust!

Disney Inspired Snack boxes and One time Purchase celebration boxes are currently shipping out every day. 

Current shipping times for custom and themed boxes is 3-4 weeks after purchase due to vendor supply chain speed due to the Corona Virus restrictions (9/17/2020).

For snack boxes, we ship on Monday, the day after they are sold.

We'll always share the shipping date and tracking number with you when your items ship via the email address you order with.

This is how our Resort Delivery Baskets work:

The baskets range from $125-$600 with a $15 delivery fee.  You basically pick your budget and we customize a basket to meet your special occasion. 

Once you have your budget, let us know (orders@mousemarketplace.com) the budget and the date. We will verify availability for that date and send an invoice if open.

Once the invoice is processed / paid we will send a form for you to complete that will give us all the details that will allow us to create an amazing basket just for you!  

We’re out to make YOU look good and spread a lot of Disney Magic in the process. 

How's that for helping you create a lot of extra Magic?

email Orders@MouseMarketplace.com to get started.  

 We love to curate something extra special just for you. The mystery and the surprise is part of the fun of this type of Box. 

However, we're also more than happy to make adjustments.  Just let us know when you place your order and we'll do our best to honor your request. 

For allergies and the such, we are not able to guarantee we can meet that request due to the nature of our sourcing multiple products from multiple vendors.

We're out to create something special that you're excited to receive.

Currently we are test shipping to Canada, UK and Mexico.  However, we do not ship any fresh baked goods Internationally.

Yes... and no....
If you want to substitute one item with a certain ingredient for another, we're more than happy to accommodate that request.

These products are made in a facility that also handles peanuts, gluten, dairy etc. While we do take precautions for cross contamination we cannot guarantee these items are free from each other.

Although we take measures for sanitation seriously we cannot guarantee items are free of cross contamination.

Nutritional Information can be found here

For more information regarding allergies and nutritional information for your specific item, please reach out via email. Orders@MouseMarketplace.com

For most of our fresh baked snacks you can find nutritional information here:  https://mousemarketplace.com/pages/nutritional-details

Prepackaged snacks contain the labels on the items.  

If you hav specific questions, please reach out to Bonnie@MouseMarketplace.com

We are in the midst of Covid and shipping gets delayed from time to time. Heck, that even happened before Covid!

Hurricanes, snow storms, holidays, lost packages, re-routes, etc - they all are a part of online ordering and can cause some frustration from time to time - we get hundreds of packages each month, so we truly do understand.

When delays happen, use your tracking information to reach out to the courier directly and make your claim directly with them. They'll need information from you that only you can supply.

We'll work with you to make sure that all gets resolved. That said, we can not control and are not responsible for delays with delivery of your order. It's rare, but it does happen on occasion.

Most packages are delivered in 2-3 days of shipment.

Yes! Just enter your email on the bottom of this page and you’ll be added to our subscription list.

You’ll be sent updates, exclusive offers, and much more. :)

We'd love to hear from you!   

The email address "Orders@MouseMarketplace.com" is the best way to reach us.  But you may stand a better chance of running into us at one of the Disney parks :)

See You Real Soon!

Oh no!!  We definitely want each box to be something truly Magical.  

If you did not have a good experience, definitely reach out to us by email (orders@mousemarketplace.com) and let us know.  We want you to be thrilled to receive our special deliveries!

For custom boxes, returns incur a 30% restocking fee due to the fact each box is curated from specific responses on the questionnaire form and items from curated boxes do not come from our standard stock.

It’s a fun way to give back to many members who have supported Mouse Marketplace through an epic pandemic. We’re all out here working hard to make a living. We’re so thankful to EVERYONE who supports MM.

We love all our members!

All members have the opportunity to join MMC once you qualify for the loyalty program. Which is easy- 7 orders of ANYTHING or by certain dollar amount.

What do you get?

Sometimes first access to merch, free downloadable, first access to SOME boxes, Mouse Marketeers Merch or limited quantities of apparel we're never be able to get again.

Marketeeers Club WILL change time to time.

If you have questions simply email orders@mousemarketplace.com

The club is not to exclude, it’s just a fun way to give back!