Sticker - Magical Minnie Pink Ribbon


Sticker - Magical Minnie Pink Ribbon

Product description

Die Cut stickers.

Embrace the magic of hope and unity with our special-edition Breast Cancer Awareness Sticker. Crafted in a delicate pink hue, this design captures the essence of both strength and tenderness, making it a must-have.

At its heart, the design features a beautifully detailed graphic of the iconic Mickey Ears, gracefully entwined with a pink ribbon - the enduring symbol of breast cancer awareness. This unique design resonates with both Disney aficionados and those who champion the fight against breast cancer, bridging two worlds with a message of hope and resilience.

Whether you're displaying it to honor a loved one, raise awareness, or simply express your support for the cause, this sticker serves as a reminder that even in the face of challenges, magic and hope endure. 

Join us in spreading love, hope, and the belief in happy endings. Perfect for Disney fans and warriors alike, this design is more than just a sticker - it's a statement, it's an emblem, it's a beacon of hope.

Approximately 3 inches tall

These stickers are weatherproof/waterproof, scratch resistant, and over laminated (thick) they run through dishwasher no problem.

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