Below you'll find a list of apparel, items, boxes, etc that are awaiting arrival to us and thus, shipment to you.  The dates listed are not firm, written in stone or guaranteed - they are simply anticipated ship dates right now.

We use multiple vendors and small shops in order to curate the most excellent delivery possible.  Each box has has lots of moving parts and we do our best to pull together items that will be perfect for each box.  Creating Magic takes time.  It may take a little time, but we want to make it worth the wait!

Our Magic Makers are excited to ship the Magic to you!



Original Sales Date

Anticipated Ship Date

Teacher Appreciation May 14
Graduation Box
Daisy Tee Starting May 14
Sassy Duck May 14
Mother Knows Best Tee Starting May 21th
Have Courage & Be Kind Tee Starting May 21th
Dream Big Princess May 17
Rain Jackets Starting May 19th
May the Fourth Box May 19
Star Wars Apparel Starting May 26th
Three Caballeros Tee Starting May 26th
Donald Tees Starting May 26
Three Caballeros Hat May 26th
Essentials Box May 28th
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